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Women Apparel Brand Case Study – 30L in Revenue at 5 ROAS

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The client is a women’s apparel brand known for its handcrafted kurti and suit sets. This brand has established a strong community of loyal customers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Despite being bootstrapped, they have managed to cultivate a dedicated following through organic growth and word-of-mouth referrals.

The brand prides itself on offering unique, handcrafted designs that stand out in the crowded apparel market. Each piece is carefully crafted, emphasizing traditional techniques and high-quality materials, which resonates deeply with their target audience. Their collection includes a variety of kurti and suit sets that are both stylish and comfortable, appealing to women who value both aesthetics and functionality in their wardrobe.


Before partnering with our agency, the women’s apparel brand was spending less than 1 Lakh on digital advertising.

The brand had a vast inventory, with SKUs spanning thousands of products. Our initial step was to analyze their product performance and identify which items were underperforming. By filtering out these low-performing products, we could concentrate our efforts on promoting the best-sellers and those with the highest potential for growth.


While the brand was already profitable, they were looking for over 20% growth month on month while being profitable and growing their active customer profile.

We delivered

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THE BACKGROUND (Problem Identification)

Over the past several months, the women’s apparel brand had been struggling to scale their paid media efforts. Their efforts were fragmented and lacked the strategic cohesion needed to drive meaningful growth and profitability. Upon closer examination, several key issues were identified as the root causes of their struggles:

No Creative Repository of Proven Ad Content The brand lacked a repository of tested and proven ad creatives. Without a solid library of successful ad content, their campaigns were inconsistent and less effective in capturing and retaining customer attention.

Archaic Campaign Structure The existing campaign structure was outdated, with multiple campaigns targeting a small set of products. This approach led to inefficiencies and limited the potential for scaling successful campaigns. The brand was unable to maximize the reach and impact of their advertising efforts.

Underutilization of Catalog Campaigns Despite catalog campaigns being one of the best-performing strategies for most apparel brands, this client had not extensively utilized them. As a result, they missed out on a significant opportunity to showcase their wide range of products to potential customers in a dynamic and engaging way.

Ineffective Targeting The targeting strategy was poorly defined, leading to missed opportunities to reach high-potential audience segments. Some valuable pockets of the audience were not being effectively targeted, which limited the overall effectiveness and ROI of their campaigns.

Missed International Expansion on Paid Acquisition While the brand had seen success with international expansion through organic channels, their paid acquisition efforts in international markets were lacking. This gap in their strategy meant they were not fully capitalizing on the potential of global markets to drive sales and growth.


A strategic buyer journey

Diversification of Creative Repository

To address the lack of proven ad content, we began by diversifying the creative repository. This involved developing a variety of ad creatives tailored to different customer segments and stages of the buying journey. We produced high-quality visuals and compelling copy to resonate with their audience, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence across all platforms.

Liquidate Non-Selling Inventory

One of our initial actions was to liquidate non-selling inventory through strategic discount campaigns. This helped the brand to quickly generate cash flow and clear out stagnant stock, making way for new, more appealing products. These campaigns were designed to create a sense of urgency and attract budget-conscious buyers.

Brand Calendar Planning

We developed a comprehensive brand calendar that included planned offers, events, and giveaways. This calendar helped in maintaining consistent engagement with their community and driving periodic spikes in sales. The planned events also included seasonal promotions and special occasions to keep the audience excited and engaged.

New Drops Campaign

To keep existing customers engaged, we introduced a “new drops” campaign. This involved remarketing to their existing customer base whenever a new collection was launched. These campaigns highlighted the latest arrivals and exclusive items, encouraging repeat purchases from loyal customers.

Consolidation of Campaign Structure

We overhauled their campaign structure to make it more streamlined and efficient. By consolidating multiple campaigns, we reduced the number of active campaigns without compromising on reach or effectiveness. This allowed us to better manage budgets, optimize performance, and scale successful campaigns more effectively.

Expansion of Ads Across More Product Categories

Finally, we expanded the ad campaigns to cover more than just the initial small set of products. This included targeting ads for a broader range of product categories within their extensive catalog. By doing so, we were able to attract a wider audience and increase the overall reach and impact of their advertising efforts.


By month end the results spoke for themselves

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