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Effective Strategies for Scaling Baby-Care Brands Through Advertising

Table of Contents  

A detailed Article on insights to grow a baby-care brand 


  1. Creatives
  2. Website
  3. Retention
  4. Ads
  5. Questions


  • Angles/Messaging types to use in ads
    • Call the devil – Baby-care category is filled with incumbent players, hence play the devil’s advocate and call out what’s wrong with market product and how your brand is correcting it with your product
    • Safety & Quality – Parent’s pay a premium for this, so just mentioning we have best quality will not do, prove it
      • Through scientific tests
      • Trust of other customers
      • 3rd party recommendations
    • Review based – Paritcuarly a video based review of Moms (more than 1) vouching for your product and each one speaking about what they liked the most in the product?
    • Ingredient Consciousness – Every brand reveals their ingredients but few share the importance of the ingredient, to differentiate share the “Why” behind the ingredient
  • Images
    • For non-apparel category in baby-care segment text-rich image ads tend to perform better as parents look to research deeper when it comes to their kids
    • The background of product palys a vital role to determine value of product, make sure to keep it playful which reminds the parent of their kid
    • Single-line educational images calling out on bad ingredient in the market product works well to plug-in your product
  • Videos
    • Most baby-care products are feel oriented and this is experienced by both Parent’s and baby. Hence visuals of babies feeling good rings a good tone and sends unconscious signals to the decision maker (Parent’s) 
  • Follow mommy-influencers and look at their content-style and format with highest engagement and copy from those in ads 
  • Partner-up with these influencers to push the product rather than partnering with beauty influencers 

If you need more info on our research technique to create creatives, check this doc here


  • Images
    • The photo gallery on website occupies the biggest real-estate on customer’s screen
    • Apart from just lifestyle based images, your photo gallery must have text based images, mentioning the core benefits of product and handle major objections of customers Example 
    • In case there is an offer live on website, the 1st image must clearly mention the discount or the offer clearly to maximize the conversion rate and get customers excited as soon as they land on screen
  • Content
    • Include the following information
      • For which age-group is the product best-suited for
      • How to use the product? – There are unaware 1st time parent
      • When to use the product?
      • Why to use the product?
      • How long does the product last
      • Ingredient list
    • Break-your content into points rather than large products 
    • Name your products which is digestible
      • Example of a bad name – [Brand Name] Baby Lotion
      • Example of a good name – GentleGlow Baby Lotion
  • Structure
    • Push for a subscription effort as most products aren’t first time purchase hence offer discounts on subscriptions and bundles to incentivise parent
    • Above the price, in 3 quick points answer these objections
      • Why should they trust this product? – Use authorities they already trust -> Media publication, 3rd party lab tests
      • What does the product do?
      • Constituents of product 

Check high-converting add to cart structure here (video)


Parents tend to be highly loyal to baby care brands that consistently meet their needs. They often stick with brands they trust, making it crucial for new entrants to earn that trust over time.

So, retention in this category will be driven by the selection of products available i.e. product assortment you offer and the all needs of a baby that your product offering can fulfil

Once ordered always send regular updates to customers on

  • How to use the product?
  • How many times to use?
  • What are the common mistakes to avoid?

Action plan

  • For 2nd purchase always push another category other than the category of first product to make customer aware of product assortment of brand
  • From next subsequent purchases cross-promote and upsell based on the previous actions of consumer
    • Cross-promote if ordered, upsell if not
  • Keep a watch on the average usage days of 1st product, after that push for a refill of 1st product 


  • Structure
    • Each category of product must have a separate campaign, this avoids the nightmare of data mixing up and different margins for each product
    • Create a separate campaign for both remarketing and scaling
    • Always exclude your customers (using customer list from Shopify) from all of your non-remarketing campaigns so the platform delivers incremental gains and doesn’t juice simply from existing customers
  • Many parents appreciate bundled products or kits that provide essential items in one purchase. Promoting bundles is a good 


  1. How to build “Trust” with New Customers about the brand?
    On Ads
    – Video ads of existing customers recommending product
    – Publications or media outlets writing about the brand

    On Website
  • Include trust symbols/icons of notable 3rd party organizations 
  • Partner with a authority figure (Think Andrew Hubberman for Athletic Greens) and get them to recommend product
  1. What is the other best medium to grow apart from ads?
    This might not be a conventional one, but organising a community event on the category (no product promotion) is a great way to reach customers 
  • Organize workshops on better parenting
  • Conduct webinars on How to be better parent for 1st time Mom’s
  1. What are the common mistakes brands make?
  • Neglecting and reaching audience through wrong-influencers. For a parent to purchase a product rather than pushing your product via a beauty influencer push it via a parenting-coach as they have the authority and parent’s trust them
  • Brands cannot stand-out in ads without calling the clear differentiation their product offers against the incumbents in the market 


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