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Luxury Footwear Brand – Increased total revenue by 2.25 times

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The Client is a luxury footwear brand. With distribution network across India.. Started working on the campaign in June of 2021.

After 7 days of rigorously testing their sales funnel and researching their target audience, I scaled their campaigns by 2.25 times the previous revenue

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The business is into manufacture of luxury footwear  

The campaign was decided to be a conversion campaign followed by a conversion remarketing campaign for the remarketing audience. And then major target audience & target markets were discussed.

Then the strategy was developed according to the input from the company and competitor research was carried out. The target audience were mainly the affluent class as the product was luxury and so accordingly the audience was determined.

After the ad account audit, there were a few leaks in their previous account structure and campaigns, which were cautiously rectified in the setup of the new campaign


Gain new customers for the business, and generate sales from the website.

Before taking up the services, the company had run a few conversion and catalog sales campaigns but was not able to get the desired results.

So, after that a complete ads account audit was done and completely analysed.

Understanding what worked in the past and what did not.
Then a solid data-backed strategy was developed and executed to achieve the desired outcome.

Bharat Mavens

The Research

An extensive research on audience and the ad account audit

The ad account had accumulated good data regarding the setup and use of multiple touchpoints to market.

A peculiar characteristic of a luxury brand is you cannot remarket the lower funnel audience with discounts. And so the solution was to provide much detail using customized video of the product they had previously engaged with

Research also revealed that the pixel data associated with the account of was of a mundane audience and essentially must be populated by a high-quality audience


A strategic buyer journey

  • An effective funnel with independent landing page for each product 
  • Copies that signify luxury with the creatives synchronized
  • Multiple touchpoints that enhance audience self-esteem
  • Optimizing best performing audiences and ads 
  • Simple ad copies to promote the promote superior quality of the product
  • USP of the brand of the use of world’s most superior quality leather was highlighted and used for remarketing
  • Segmenting unwanted interest groups & scaling the winning ad copies 
  • Aggressive remarketing with custom audience and lookalike audiences
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