Food Brand - ₹5 Lakh+ Spent ₹16 Lakh+ Generated In 3 Months - Bharat Mavens

Food Brand – ₹5 Lakh+ Spent ₹16 Lakh+ Generated In 3 Months

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The Client is a premium chocolate brand. With distribution network across India. 

Bharat Mavens

We have been working with this client for more than 8 months, and they decided to scale in 2022, and we did massively scale it

Bharat Mavens


The business is into chocolates, and makes premium chocolates with premium packaging.

The campaign was decided to be a conversion campaign for the remarketing audience. And then major target audience & target markets were discussed.

Then the strategy was developed according to the input from the company and competitor research was carried out. The target audience were mainly the affluent class as the product was premium and so accordingly the audience was determined.


Gain new customers for the business, and generate sales from the website. The campaign was for scaling in 2022

Understanding what worked in the past and what did not. Then a solid data backed strategy was developed and executed to achieve the desired outcome.

Bharat Mavens


A strategic buyer journey

  • An effective funnel with independent landing page for each product 
  • Initially multiple audience interests were tested, and top 5 were used to scale the campaign with winner creatives
  • A total of 6+ best-sellers were used out of which 3 were used to scale the campaign
  • The remarketing audience worked initially but then eventually had to turn off, as it became unprofitable, so most of the spend was poured into the top of funnel for customer acquisition