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Bharat Mavens is a leading profit-focused and growth-oriented ecommerce agency in India. With a rich experience of four years, we’ve been the catalyst for transformation in diverse business landscapes, from agile bootstrapped ventures to prominent VC-backed enterprises. Our strategic mastery and a team of seasoned ecommerce ad experts converge to craft and execute ad campaigns that achieves outcomes

Bharat Mavens

Top Ecommerce Brands Choose Us for
Profitable Growth with Ads

Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens
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Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens

Your Trusted Ecommerce Ads Marketing Partner

Bharat Mavens as your Ecommerce marketing partner leads with strategic plans to dominate categories and implementation at speed to keep consistently building and growing your business. With experience of 40+ brands we understand business requirements and strive towards achieving it.

Case Studies on Growing Ecommerce Brands

Before – Hitting ROAS of below 2 and unable to move past 5L+ revenue mark

After – 71 Lakh in revenue with 3.2 ROAS with Meta Ads

Bharat Mavens

Celebrity-Led Brand Case Study for Facebook Ads

Bharat Mavens

1 Crore+ In Sales For A Lifestyle Brand

Before: Collective sales since 15 months into operation was 48 Lakh


After (with us) Collective sales of 1Crore+ in just 6 months @ ROAS of 4.9 with majority traffic from Facebook Ads

Brands that work with Bharat Mavens for Ecommerce Ads Service Feel

Our expertise is their advantage against competitors as we help them navigate the complexities of creative, audience targeting and scaling in ads. Starting from 0 revenue brands to brands clocking 8-figure per month we have worked with business at every stage

We Cater to Ecommerce Business of All Sizes VC backed and Startups

Bharat Mavens

If this is your first Ecommerce venture, then our professional experience in taking multiple 0 revenue brands to 7-figure monthly revenue will help you get to profitability and scale faster while avoiding expensive mistakes

Bharat Mavens

Our rich experience of working with funded brands we understand the dynamics involved with multiple stakeholders and to deliver month-on-month profitable growth for brands with advertising


Bharat Mavens

It’s complex and tiring when you juggle between multiple things in business, we can help you as we have helped multiple other brands with advertising so, we share the load and you focus on other important things

What Clients Say About Our Ecommerce Marketing Services

"They have good fundamental knowledge
The engagement has led to an increase in revenue and ROAS. Bharat Mavens has been communicative and responsive throughout the workflow. Their technical expertise has stood out in the partnership"

- Jayanth
Marketing Manager
Bombay Shaving Company

Our Ecommerce Marketing Services Include

Google and Youtube ads for ecommerce brands
Google & YOUTUBE Ads

To capture the active searches, shopping and YouTube network to reach the right audience to boost sales

A roundtable discussion on strategy for facebook ads by top facebook ads marketing agency
Facebook & Instagram ADS 

Our expert team of Facebook ad experts will craft high-converting ad campaigns to deliver best results and hit revenue targets of your business

Creative strategy development for Facebok ads brainstorming session
Amazon ads as a part of service of ecommerce brands for an agency

Captivate your audience with compelling creative assets. Our experienced team will guide you in developing impactful ad visuals and copy that align with your brand’s unique voice.


Tap into the biggest marketplace as we implement the winning strategies to get purchases and scale the Amazon-store to new heights 

Landing page creation for ecommerce brands as a performance marketing agency in India

Our team will create high-converting ecommerce product landing pages that convert customers at far superior rate than product pages.

Bharat Mavens
Analysis and reporting

The feedback loop of ads improvement starts with a good reporting and we value reporting and dive deep into critical consumer insights 

Creative Portfolio

Bharat Mavens - Your Trusted Ecommerce Marketing Partner Results Deck

Our Ecommerce Marketing Process

Bharat Mavens

A thorough in-depth research of market, consumer and competitor to understand the opportunities to grow the brand profitably

Bharat Mavens

A team of experts craft a decisive strategy based on research, experience & knowledge of multiple ad campaigns 

Bharat Mavens
iterate & feedback

Extensive reporting and feedback on each touchpoint of customer from ad click to landing page to retaining of customer all together

Why Should You Invest In Ecommerce Marketing Services?

Bharat Mavens
Global Reach

If this is your first venture, then our professional experience in taking multiple 0 revenue brands to 7-figure monthly revenue will help you get to profitability and scale faster while avoiding expensive mistakes

Bharat Mavens
Proven to Work

Ads has been around for nearly one and a half decade and consistently giving returns for multiple businesses from lead generation to sales which proves its effectiveness as a platform to deliver results

Bharat Mavens 
Dedicated objectives

From awareness creation to lead generation to purchase on website everything is possible. Objectives help generated dedicated business goals

Requirements of Working with Bharat Mavens

Bharat Mavens
Pricing Starts from


Please note this is starting price not indicative of actual price for each brand, it changes as per requirement

Bharat Mavens
Ad Budget

As an agency, we require brand has allocated a minimum of ₹80,000/month as advertising budget 

Bharat Mavens 
Limited Seats

We value quality over quantity and hence cap the number of clients per month, while we do have a waiting list of brands looking to work with us.

Why Choose Bharat Mavens for Ecommerce Marketing?

There are 100’s of other freelances, agencies, out there offering Facebook Ads service. So, why us?

Why Choose Ecommerce Marketing Partner When You Can Hire In-house?

Breadth of Exposure and Experience

As ecommerce agency marketing partners we work with a wide array of clients across different industries, business sizes, and markets. This diverse experience equips us with a unique set of skills and insights that can be applied to optimize your marketing strategy in ways an in-house team might not initially consider.

Cost Efficiency:

Working with a top ecommerce marketing agency can be more cost-effective than building an in-house team, especially when considering the recruitment, training, office-space and ongoing costs and benefits to be offered to employed and others associated with maintaining a team at the cutting edge of  new strategies.

Advantages of Ecommerce Marketing Services?

Clear Performance Measurement

Ads provide detailed analytics and performance metrics, allowing advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time. This transparency enables you to see exactly how many impressions, clicks, and conversions your ads are generating, facilitating data-driven decisions to optimize campaign performance and ROI.

Reach Your Targeted Audience

With ad platofrms sophisticated targeting options, you can drill down to the specific demographics, interests, and behaviors of your ideal audience. Whether you’re aiming for broad reach or niche markets, Facebook Ads help ensure that your message is seen by those most likely to be interested in your products or services, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Ability to Remarket & Retarget Customers

Ad platform excel in reconnecting with users who have previously interacted with your brand, whether they visited your website, used your app, or engaged with your content. By retargeting these individuals with tailored ads, you can increase the likelihood of conversions, encourage repeat purchases, and build loyalty by staying top of mind with your audience.

Our Ecommerce Marketing Objectives Include

Facebook conversion ads objective image
Conversion ads

Objective with sole purpose to generate profitable sales on your website/marketplace store. Optimizing the journey from ad to thank you page for smooth experience

An iamge showing the capabilities of Facebook ads for brand awareness
Brand AWARENESS & Engagement

Everyone is aware at the start, so this campaign objective helps educate audience about your product, brand the point of differentiation from other competitor brands 

A top marketing agency for facebook recommending catalog sales ads to brands
Catalog sales

You have a large SKU with different sizes, colors… Catalog sales objective in Facebook ads can help deal with otherwise complex management of 1000’s of SKU’s

Facebook lead generation ad objective

Looking to expand business into B2B segment, we can help with lead generation ads that will help deliver quality leads for your business that convert well and stay with you for long

FAQs About Ecommerce Marketing Services

What is your experience with running ads for ecommerce brands?

We have been managing ads for businesses for 4+ years now

How much does your advertising services cost?

Our advertising services start from ₹35,000/month

What is the minimum budget to start ads?

As an agency, we require brand has allocated a minimum of ₹80,000/month as advertising budget 

How long is the agreement for?

For the first time the minimum agreement is 90-days and from then on it is month-on-month renewal

Do you offer Google & Amazon ads services also?

Yes, we do offer Google ads services and in fact have 4+ years experience in it

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