Cologne Brand - ₹2,15,000 Lakh Spent ₹7,20,0000 Lakh Revenue - Bharat Mavens

Cologne Brand – ₹2,15,000 Lakh Spent ₹7,20,0000 Lakh Revenue

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The Client is a cologne brand. With distribution network across India. Started working on the campaign in June of 2022.

After 7 days of rigorously testing their sales funnel, I scaled their campaigns by 303%+ using Facebook ads in 40 Days

Bharat Mavens


The business is into cologne

The campaign was decided to be a conversion campaign followed by a conversion remarketing campaign for the remarketing audience. And then major target audience & target markets were discussed.

Before reaching out, they were running ads and were clocking 200k each month since the past 6 months, They felt stuck at that revenue and were looking to break the barrier and grow beyond 200k.

They have a beautifully built website with a spice of story added to each of their product. Even better creatives and an optimized landing page 

The perfect recipe and foundations required to grow


Gain new customers for the business, and generate sales from the website.

Before taking up the services, the company had ran a few conversion campaigns but were not able to get the sclae. So, after that a complete ads account audit was done and completely analysed. 

Understanding what worked in the past and what did not. Then a solid data backed strategy was developed and executed to achieve the desired outcome.

Bharat Mavens


A strategic buyer journey

Creation of a dedicated campaign exclusively set up for laying the foundations right and testing the creatives for scale and learning 

In the later stages towards the end using cost-controlled Lifetime budgets, ABO campaigns scale rapidly while having control of the CPA

Dedicated CBO campaigns with the amalgamation of winner creatives and audience with a cost control bidding of 10% lower than actual CPA, for stabilized performance

Bharat Mavens