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5 Secret Elements of a High Converting Product Landing Page

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Do you know the secret of doubling profits on ads without spending more?

Just improve conversion rates.

Most small eCommerce stores and a few big ones included, do not have a focus on conversion rates. Though it is the easiest way to take home extra cash with extra efforts. This was the first day we started a campaign for one of our clients, a single day jump

Bharat Mavens

As you can see, there is a sudden bump, 2x Conversion rate and then over a period of 4 days

Bharat Mavens

I have worked with more than 25+ eCommerce brands and audited 100+ websites, the following are the elements of a high converting product landing page.

Product landing pages are not the home page or collections page, but the product page with just one product with descriptions like the one

5 Strategies we employed to double the conversion rates (Bonuses) of the Deodorant brand

Inspiring Story of the product
On each and every product page, we had a dedicated section that included, how where the fragrance was inspired. It explained its origins, with images relevant to them. You see people who buy the product may be biased to lower price, people who buy the brand, are always loyal

“Make people buy your brand more than the product”

Then, we linked this inspiring story with the customer’s life with a beautifully weaved copy. Our copy narrated instances of different phases in their life, and how the deodorant can be part of it. From walking with their friends to being called at a party.

Don’t force your product, instead make it an inevitable part of the customer’s life by pairing it with their day to day activities

Social Proof (I know it’s cliche)
Yes, you have heard a lot about testimonials, and reviews. But it damn works. Since it is a deodorant brand, we are restricted to lifestyle images and text reviews. What else one can do?

Which would you buy? “We manufacture the best clothing that is comfortable”
“I got products from Oblivo, they are wonderful and are comfortable too”

The 2nd one, because that is proof. Somebody somewhere brought the product and is satisfied gives the visitor confidence they would also like the product. Don’t just add customer text reviews. If you are brands like lifestyle or home decor, shoot a video and use it as a testimonial

Unboxing video
We did something counter-intuitive and it clicked an unconventional one. People love to see their goal state, manifest in front of them. We included an unboxing video of the product with good music.

Pro Tip: We used the same unboxing video in one of our ads, and it is among the top 3 best-performing ads. Seeing the same creative builds relevance and visitors do not feel alienated after they land on the landing page.

The main aim between ad and your landing page is to build relevance and make the visitor feel a smooth transition

Our unboxing video is an unconventional addition, but it proved to be effective.

Sliding Add to Cart

Bharat Mavens

This reduces the effort for the visitor and makes the buying journey seamless and smooth.

Sliding carts, are easy to navigate, and eliminate the bad load time of “Cart pages”. This means low pain for the customer and low waiting time, faster checkout, and increased profits.

Discounts and codes
Most visitors abandon the cart page, in search of a discount code or coupon. So, we created a collapsible section that harbored all the discount codes in one place on the product page. No hassle to leave the website

Pro Tip: Which discount code is easier?

3 ‘S’ Rules of Coupon
Short, Shareable and Maximum 3 syllables

The second one, make sure to keep your discount codes short, and can be easily remembered and shared verbally


Easy AOV bump

Bharat Mavens

In the checkout bar, make it easy for visitors to add other products, with one click. A super simple way to boost your AOV.

Use icons to highlight benefits

Bharat Mavens

Icons paired with text make it digestible and consumable for the reader.

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