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3x Boost in ROAS on Google Ads in 30 Days for a Mens Grooming Brand

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Bharat Mavens


Our client, a distinguished player in the personal care industry, hails from the vibrant and competitive space of men’s grooming.

Products that are recognized for its commitment and set as standard in the category. This premium brand offers a meticulously crafted range of grooming solutions that go beyond the ordinary, providing an unparalleled experience to its diverse customer base.

THE BACKGROUND (Problem Identification)

The business is into selling mens grooming products

This brand was facing significant challenges over the past 90 days, the brand had been struggling to achieve a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of above 1.5. This meant that their advertising efforts were not yielding the expected results, and they were far from achieving profitability.

Upon closer examination, several issues were identified as the root causes of their struggles:

Tracking Issues:
Tracking problems made it hard to see how well their Google Ads were working. Incomplete or wrong data meant they couldn’t really understand the impact of their marketing efforts.

Poor Audience Targeting:
They were struggling to reach the right people. Ads weren’t connecting with the intended audience, leading to money wasted on people who were unlikely to buy.

Non-Incremental Targeting:
They were missing out on reaching new customers. Without a plan to target new markets, they couldn’t grow beyond their existing customer base.

Poor Campaign Structure:
The way their campaigns were set up was causing problems. Disorganization and a messy structure meant they couldn’t manage and optimize their ads effectively, resulting in less visibility and weaker performance.


Gain new customers for the business, and generate sales from the website  and get to 3+ ROAS

The primary goal of this campaign was to turn around the underperforming Google Ads campaign achieve a profitable ROAS of above 3. This meant not only increasing revenue but also to maximize profitability.


In-Depth Analysis:
Our journey with the brand commenced with a comprehensive analysis of its existing Google Ads campaigns. This involved scrutinizing historical data, identifying performance gaps, and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Targeted Keyword Optimization
Strategic refinement of keywords formed a crucial aspect of our solution. We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-performing and relevant terms, aligning them with the brand’s offerings and consumer search behaviors.

Audience Segmentation:
Leveraging Google Ads’ advanced targeting capabilities, we implemented a refined audience segmentation strategy. This ensured that ad content was tailored to specific customer segments, enhancing relevance and engagement.

Leveraging Ad Extensions:
Ad extensions were strategically employed to enrich ad content and provide additional information to potential customers. This contributed to higher ad relevance and user engagement.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustments:
The optimization journey didn’t end with implementation. We continuously monitored campaign performance, promptly identifying areas for improvement and making real-time adjustments to maximize ROI.


Bharat Mavens


In just 30 days, The brand witnessed a remarkable transformation in its Google Ads performance. The meticulous combination of targeted keyword optimization, ad copy enhancement, audience segmentation, and dynamic bid management led to an exceptional 3x boost in ROAS. 

This not only exceeded the initial goal but also positioned brand for sustained success in the fiercely competitive landscape of men’s grooming.