Electric Brush Brand Case Study - Bharat Mavens

Electric Brush Brand Case Study

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Bharat Mavens

Seller of Colgate Electric Brushes, the premier oral-care brand in India was struggling with Google ads 

Hitting ROAS of below 0.5 on Google ads and Facebook ads below 1 ROAS over the last 90 days

1. THE BACKGROUND (Problem Identification)

The business is into selling Colgate Electric Brushes

CPBrush, the official seller of Colgate Electric Brushes, was facing significant challenges with its Google Ads campaign. Over the past 90 days, the company had been struggling to achieve a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of above 0.5. This meant that their advertising efforts were not yielding the expected results, and they were far from achieving profitability.

Upon closer examination, several issues were identified as the root causes of their struggles:

Quality of Audience: The targeting and audience selection for the ads were not optimized. This led to irrelevant traffic and poor conversion rates.

Over-Reliance on Branded Search Terms: The campaign was over-indexing on branded search terms, which can be expensive and not always the most effective way to reach potential customers.

Unoptimized Bidding Strategies: The bidding strategies in place were not driving the desired results. This lack of optimization was affecting the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

Poor Conversion Rate: The ads were not effectively converting the traffic into sales, which was a critical issue for profitability.


Gain new customers for the business, and generate sales from the website but reduce spend get to positive ROAS

The primary goal of this campaign was to turn around the underperforming Google Ads campaign for CPBrush and achieve a profitable ROAS of above 1.5. This meant not only increasing revenue but also reducing ad spend to maximize profitability.


A strategic buyer journey

Creation of a dedicated campaign exclusively set up for laying the foundations right and testing the creatives for scale and learning 

To achieve this goal, a comprehensive plan was developed:

Audience Optimization: The first step was to improve the quality of the audience being targeted. This involved refining the demographics, interests, and behaviors of the audience to ensure that the ads were reaching potential customers who were more likely to convert.

Keyword Strategy: The over-reliance on branded search terms was addressed by diversifying the keyword strategy. This involved targeting non-branded keywords that had the potential to bring in new customers at a lower cost.

Bidding Strategy Optimization: The bidding strategies were thoroughly analyzed and optimized. This included adjusting bids for different keywords and placements to improve cost-effectiveness.

Ad Copy and Landing Page Improvements: The ad copy was revamped to be more engaging and aligned with the keywords and audience. Additionally, the landing pages were optimized for better conversion rates.

A/B Testing: To fine-tune the campaign further, A/B testing was conducted on ad creatives, ad copy, and landing page elements to identify the most effective combinations.

6. The Success

Biggest success for any agency is clients trusting us with their money and we able to deliver results 

By the end of just month 1 of managing their Google ads account, we were also handed over Facebook ads account to manage and scale