£50,000 (₹53L) for a AutoParts Brand in UK - Bharat Mavens

£50,000 (₹53L) for a AutoParts Brand in UK

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The Client is a Autoparts brand struggling with Google ads @0.95 ROAS since March. 

By mid April we took over the account and by the end of May they had seen a phenomenal trunound in performance of Google ads from 0.95 ROAS to 3.85 ROAS

Bharat Mavens
Bharat Mavens


The business is into autoparts 

With over 2000+ SKU’s and OEM quality Autoparts for both mid and high end models. Product price varied from £10 to over £199. The business is unique as it has to just capture demand and cannot create one. 

Campaign were designed by breaking down products based on categories for better analysis, reporting and management to hit a consistent ROAS target.

From first the founder made it clear “We have to spend profitably as we are bootstrapped with slimmer margins than most businesses”


Gain new customers for the business, and generate sales from the website.

Before taking up the services, the company had ran a few conversion campaigns but were not able to get the scale. So, after that a complete ads account audit was done and completely analysed. 

Understanding what worked in the past and what did not. Then a solid data backed strategy was developed and executed to achieve the desired outcome.


A strategic buyer journey

Creation of a dedicated Google Performance Max campaign to acquire new customers and Brand Search campaign to capture branded search terms 

In the later stages once there were consistent sales, the campaign was optimized by excluding low performing categories and pushing the best performing categories with higher targets. 

An automated bidding approach to guide the campaign to spend at a certain pace with a consistent ROAS

Bharat Mavens