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Home Appliances Brand Case Study – ₹60L+ in Revenue at 5 ROAS in Just 3 Months of Launch

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The client is a home appliances brand that launched in March 2024. Despite being fully bootstrapped, the brand quickly made a mark in the competitive market. Starting with just two models of their innovative home appliance products, they managed to capture significant attention.

This brand’s early success is evident from their rapid rise to the top 10 best-sellers list on Amazon within just 30 days of launch. Their products are designed to cater to modern households, combining functionality with sleek, contemporary design. This combination has resonated strongly with their target audience, who appreciate both the practicality and aesthetic appeal of their home appliances.

The brand prides itself on offering high-quality, reliable products that enhance the everyday lives of their customers. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive reviews and growing customer base, fueled by organic growth and word-of-mouth referrals. As they continue to expand their product line, they remain dedicated to maintaining the high standards that have earned them their early success.


When the home appliances brand launched, they partnered with our agency from the very beginning. Unlike many brands that come to us with a history of ad spend and established strategies, this client had no previous ad account spend or extensive digital marketing experience. Their product testing had been minimal, limited to offline trials.

Given their bootstrapped nature, we began cautiously, starting with a low budget of about ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 per day on Facebook ads. Our initial focus was on understanding the market response and fine-tuning our approach. By carefully monitoring the performance of our campaigns, we aimed to gather valuable insights that would inform our strategies moving forward.

This lean approach allowed us to maximize the impact of every rupee spent, ensuring that we could scale effectively as we identified winning strategies and high-performing product models.


The brand had plans to hit 10L per month revenue at 4 ROAS, we hit 10L in just 20 days of launch and from then on just pure scaling

We delivered up and above expectations

Bharat Mavens

The Plan & Execution

A Strategic Buyer Journey

Diversification of Creative Repository

Given the brand’s limited initial budget, we focused on testing a minimum of three ad concepts per month. This approach ensured that we could gather sufficient data without overextending their budget. We developed various ad creatives tailored to different customer segments and stages of the buying journey. These included unboxing videos, lifestyle shots, customer testimonials, ASMR videos, flatlays, and quirky creatives. Each type aimed to highlight the unique features and benefits of the home appliances, appealing to different aspects of our target audience.

Strategic Scaling

To scale effectively, we identified the best-performing ad assets and moved them to a separate campaign. Using cost caps, we could control the expenditure while maximizing reach and conversion rates. This method allowed us to scale successful campaigns efficiently without overspending.

Rapid Iteration and Learning

Initially, we encountered a significant challenge: the client was about to run out of stock after just 15 days due to the high demand generated by our campaigns. To address this, we temporarily reduced the ad budget. During this time, we introduced new product launches, applying the creative insights gained from the initial products to the new ones. This iterative process helped us quickly adapt and optimize our campaigns, minimizing wasted spend and maximizing ROI.

Remarketing Strategies

We also implemented remarketing campaigns to target existing customers with new products. By leveraging our creative learnings and continuously optimizing our ads, we maintained customer engagement and drove repeat purchases. This strategy not only boosted sales but also helped in building brand loyalty.

Comprehensive Brand Calendar

Although not initially planned, we quickly recognized the need for a structured approach to maintain consistent engagement. We developed a brand calendar that included planned offers, product launches, and seasonal promotions. This calendar helped in maintaining a steady flow of communication with the audience, driving periodic spikes in sales, and keeping the brand top-of-mind for customers.


  • Within 25 days, 2 of their products went out of stock (They did not expect this much scale)
  • 3 of their 4 products remained out of stock for 25 to 30 days in the last 3 months
  • Facebook ad account wasn’t allowing us to spend as it was a fresh ad account and Facebook initially capped it, to avoid any malpractices


On April 7th hit 1st 1 Lakh per month run rate

Bharat Mavens

Nearly hitting 2L+ thereafter

Bharat Mavens

The Success

The results spoke for themselves

Bharat Mavens

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